Online scammers employ various techniques that would not only harm consumers but providers as well, especially P2P fintech lending services. 

Typically, these scammers use fraudulent or stolen data to apply for loans.

This is why P2P lending platforms must keep improving their digital security to stay ahead of scams.

As a local P2P lending platform that offers non collateral loans, AdaKami continues to innovate and improve its security to prevent scams. 

The service, operated by PT Pembiayaan Digital Indonesia (AdaKami), uses the Intelligent Connection Profiling System or Incop to target scams via investigation and mitigation, supported by Artificial Intelligence to accurately pinpoint possible frauds.

Incop employs AI to analyze and protect data, with a focus on three primary phases of lending – before, during, and after the loan period. 

All customer’s data processed through Incop, including their phone numbers, is with the consent of the customer. The system uses a complex algorithm, including collecting and scanning data to determine whether they have been used for prior loan applications. 

This could help confirm if the identity of a customer is genuine, not faked or stolen. It can also show their credit history of the customer. It is part of the techniques to possibly detect online scams and minimize any risks they may cause.

Whenever the Incop system detects irregularities, it will inform the company right away about how likely they could be scams. Under certain conditions, the system is also capable of blocking and even blacklist suspicious IDs and phone numbers. 

Prospective customers should be aware that knowing the security measures employed by lenders is important. As one of them, AdaKami’s Incop system is a proven preventive measure against today’s scams.  

Through AdaKami’s Incop system, customers can have an ease of mind because AdaKami provides safe, trustworthy and reliable mechanism to ensure customer’s data is safe.